Indoor Air Quality

Indoor pollutants aren’t the only contributor to poor indoor air quality in Ottawa. Today’s better tightly sealed and high energy-efficient homes can actually have effects on your home’s air quality. The cost of heating and air conditioning may be low, but the equipment might not be capable of filtering as needed.

Most people in Ottawa spend 90% of each day indoors. That means 90% of the day, you breathe the air that is being recycled through your air ducts. If your air ducts are not teamed with an air purification system, then you are likely creating perfect areas for mold, mildew, and fungi to grow. As these chronic-illness-causing growths send out their spores, your fans blow them into each area of your home. The fact is, if you breathe dirty, bad air, you won’t be as healthy as if you could have a clean, fresh-smelling purified air system removing dander, debris, hair, pollen, spores, and removing much of the hormone-disrupting chemicals that are so problematic in our modern flooring, furniture, clothing, pesticides, and cleaning products.

Things to Consider

  • Do you know if the air your family breathes is safe?

  • Are conditions like temp, humidity or dry stuffy air sometimes uncomfortable?

  • Are your utility bills increasing regularly?

  • Are you too warm or too cold at times?

  • Are bedrooms stuffy and not comfortable for sleeping?

  • Do you find your home humid in the summer or dry in the winter?

  • Does your home generally feel cool and clammy in the summer?

How we can help

  • Humidifiers and de-humidifiers to maintain constant moisture levels

  • HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilators) to introduce fresh air to the home

  • Ultraviolet Air Purification to kill all germs and odours

  • Better Temperature Control Systems


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