A boiler system doesn’t use forced air to distribute heat. Instead, it uses hot water to keep the home warm. A series of tubes are installed in the subfloor throughout the home. Some systems may feature radiators or baseboard heaters. During normal operation, the boiler system starts running water through a heat exchanger to heat it. The hot water is then pumped throughout the house using the pipe network in the floors. The heat from the subfloor will then radiate through the floor and into the room.

Boiler Benefits

  • Efficiency

    Boilers lose very little of the heat they generate as heat doesn’t need to pass through your ducts. This can save you money on your energy bills and reduce your overall energy consumption.

  • Radiant Heating

    Boilers can be used in combination with radiant heat. Radiant heat systems provide warmth directly to the floor panels to keep everything in the room warm, including your feet.

  • Noise

    Modern boiler systems are virtually silent.

  • Reduced allergens

    Radiant heat doesn’t distribute allergens the same way as a forced air system.


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