There will be times when your furnace needs service. Unfortunately, furnace breakdowns tend to be urgent considering Ottawa’s cold winter climate. With over 20 years experience repairing and installing furnaces in Ottawa, we are the clear choice to help you get your comfort back. Our certified technicians will thoroughly diagnose your furnace issues before recommending the best solution. Rest assured, we will take great care of you, quickly and affordably.

Things that can go wrong

  • Dirty with excessive dust

    If you see a lot of extra dust gathering outside of the vents of your furnace, this could be a sign that the filters need changing or that there is a larger problem with the furnace not being able to filter the air properly. If you notice this, check to see if the filters need cleaning and call us to accurately diagnose the problem.

  • Lack of maintenance

    One of the most common issues with your furnace is a lack of maintenance. We offer tailored maintenance packages for your specific needs to ensure your furnace is always running top notch. A yearly furnace maintenance plan can save you thousands in unnecessary furnace repairs or replacement.

  • The blower is running continuously

    Your furnace is designed to run at specific times set by your thermostat. If your blower is constantly running, there may be an issue. Give us a call to properly diagnose your furnace.

  • Noisy furnace

    Your furnace will make some noise and that’s normal. If your furnace is squeaking, rattling or generally very loud, it should be looked at by a professional to determine the cause.


If you need service or have general questions, get in touch and we’ll gladly provide a free quote.